Photo: Anna Van Kooij

I conceive my practice as a teacher, a performer, an activist and as a maker as an opportunity  for the research and creation of different ways of knowledge. I am especially interested in the relationship between Art, Science, and Politics.

I have been working on the paradigm of complexity within the framework of Tensegrity applied to bodies; as part of this interest, I participated in the Congress of Fascia of the ULM University of Leipzig and the Residence Dance and Neuroscience as a resident in Het Huis Utrecht con Juan Onofri Barbato (NL, 2017).

As part of my research I coordinated the seminars: La Complejidad en el Cuerpo y Cuerpo Excéntrico, El Presupuesto de la Acción at Festival Internacional Arqueologías del Futuro (ARG, 2015), Materiales Corrosivos at Programa de Entrenamiento 12 /24 (ARG, 2017), Perder la Cara with Marie Bardet at Ciclo de Formaciones Extrañas – ORGIE (ARG, 2018), Turgencia en caos en Festival de Danza de Buenos aires (ARG, 2018), among others.