portrait Amparo

I am a performer, choreographer, teacher, activist and researcher from Argentina. I currently live and work between Amsterdam, Paris and Buenos Aires.

I have been working the last years interested in:

Thinking and setting new creation perspectives in dance, putting in relation people from different fields, generations, social context and nationalities;

Researching the relationship between Art and Science as conceptual discourses and potential subjective knowledge. I have been working on the paradigm of complexity within the framework of Tensegrity applied to bodies;

Thinking and making visible the relationship between Politics and Art, and creating new spaces of encounter and artistic activism, I am part of the collective Escena Política (Buenos Aires);

Working through dance in contexts of socio-economic emergency, in particular with groups of young people and women in a situation of social risk in the suburbs of Buenos Aires and overseas;

As a maker I work in a transdisciplinary way, exploring theatrical and non-theatrical spaces, putting in relation professional with non professionals and researching how audiences could be engaged physically, emotionally and conceptually.

Currently, my main research is around the concept of transformation/alchemy and reciprocity.


Residenties in Utrecht.  KF Hein Fund.  (The Netherlands, 2019)

Het Vijfde Seizoen. Residency of recherche and creation (The Netherlands, 2019)

Institute Française d`Argentine. Support for creation. (France, 2019)

Grant Fondo Metropolitano de la Cultura, las Artes y las Ciencias, Buenos Aires (Argentina, 2018)

Grant PRODANZA Fomento de la Actividad de la Danza no Oficial de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (Argentine, 2018 & 2019)

Residency of Inspiration. Dansmaker (The Netherlands, 2018)

Grant BECAR Cultura (Argentine, 2017)

Grant Fondo Nacional de las Artes (Argentine, 2017)

AAP Grant ULM University (DE) for Fascia Research Summer School (Germany, 2016).

Grant PRODANZA Fomento de la Actividad de la Danza no Oficial de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (Argentine, 2016).

Dance and Neuroscience. Residence with Juan Onofri Barbato. Het Huis Utrecht, (the Netherlands, 2015).

El Seminario en Avignon. Grant from Avignon Festival, Bienal Arte Joven de Buenos Aires and Helvetia Found (France, 2015)

Prix Bienal Arte Joven de Buenos Aires ( Argentine, 2015)

Residence Surprised Body, with Francesco Scavetta. 8 Bienal de Dança de Çeara, (Brasil, 2013).


Master DAS CHOREOGRAPHY, University of Amsterdam (NL, 2020-22)

Universidad de San Martin (AR), Postgraduate degree in Arts (AR)

Paris 8 – UFR Art, Philosophy and Aesthetics (FR)

Centre National de Danse. “Édition spéciale” (FR)

Theater San Martin, Buenos Aires. BA Contemporary Dance 2008 (AR)