Charged (WIP)  a choreographic research.

How to deal with ambiguity in the body? What’s in between the diffuse and the defined, between shape and matter, between light and darkness, between one image and another, between objects and body? How to transform, through these relationships, the perception of the audience, giving space for the unfolding of their own imagination? Which are my maneuvers as a choreographer to make that possible?

With Charged, I continue my research around the relationship between the materiality of bodies and objects, the impact of movement on their state, on their perception and on their possible reciprocal transformation.  Through choreographic maneuvers on intensities and durations in the body, light and sound, I try to provoke sensation, imagination, emotion and thought.

From January to December 2019, I develop this work as a resident artist of Dansmaker (NL), within the “Édition Spéciale” at the Centre National de la Danse (FR)- with the accompaniment of Mathilde Monnier-, and with the support of the Institute Français Argentine.

In dialog with the light designer Vinny Jones (AU/NL) and Ariadna Rubio Lleo (DE/NL). Ph: Anna Van Kooij

Support: Institute Français Argentine (FR),  Dialogo Franco-Argentino, Dansmaker (NL), Centre National de Danse (FR)


AmparoGonzalezSola-AnnavanKooij-7958ph: Anna van Kooij
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