Exploring Reciprocity is project of research and creation I started  in 2019 within the Program Residenties in Utrecht (NL), and is part nowadays of my Master at DAS Choreography(2020-22).

From the intuition that reciprocity would be a feminist and decolonial way of relating between humans and more-than-human entities. I explore which implications this has in the choreographic field.

The project has at least 3 dimensions that coexist and affects reciprocally:

A series of Practices of Reciprocity proposed to different contexts-communities / A process of creation of choreographic work / A process of theoretical-practical research in dialogue with other artists, activists, researchers.

DAS Choreography / Amparo González Sola   Residency in Utrecht / Amparo González Sola

About the Practices of Reciprocity:

During 2019/20 I have been proposing a series of practices through which I invite the people of a community (in the case of Utrecht to psychiatric clients, therapists, and neighbors from the village of Den Dolder, NL) to experience, to reflect and to create a state of reciprocity through very simple propositions of perception, movement and conversation: to move and be moved, to touch and be touched, to listen and be listened…

This part of the project was developed with the support of the Program “Residenties in Utrecht” and “Het Vijfde season”, and in connection -and with the collaboration of- students of dance and health from ROC Midden College, students Master of “Art and Society”- Utrecht University, Master Community Project, Hogeschool Utrecht, Het Huis Utrecht, psychiatric institution “Altrecht”.among others.

extracts in video: Practices of Reciprocity in Den Dolder    From one hand to another

Residency Het Vijfde Seizoen    International Community Art Festival- Rotterdam

About the process of creation of choreographic work:

I am developing this line as part of my master at DAS Choreography (2020-22). Taking as point of start my exploration on reciprocity, I wonder about the forces present in the forms, about the forms of resistance, about the possibility of perceiving and unfolding other human and more-than-human existences in the performatic space: the invisible, the silenced, the buried ones.

This research is triggered by my experience of activism in Buenos Aires, the contact with the cosmology my ancestors, the understanding of choreography as a relational practice, my condition of migrant and the successive processes of identification, des-identification and ambiguation that it produces.

As part of this process I did in 2020 (OCT-DEC) a Residency at Rote Fabrik (CH). During the residency I was in dialogue with artists, activists and thinkers from Zurich, people from the field of decoloniality, geology, physiology, metallurgy, sound research, plastic arts, feminism, futurism. Coaches during the residency: Nathalie Stirnimann and Stefan Stojanovic.

Residency supported by IG Rote Fabrik, Pro Helvetia Schweizer Kulturstiftung and COINCIDENCIA – Swiss & South American Cultural Exchanges

Residency in Zurich / Rote Fabrik CH

Interview Residency Pro Helvetia CH

REFLECTIONS in quarantine

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