Over the leak- Platform / 2017

Over the leak is an interdisciplinary research platform that I launched on 2017 around the concept of alchemy. While developed from the field of dance, the platform stimulates a trans-disciplinary perspective.

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ph: Julieta Graña

The research hypothesis is that every translation / transformation inevitably comprises a leak, and in the fatality of that loss there is a potentiality: the appearance of other discourses, other shapes, other bodies. Each performatic experience is built from the exchanged material produced in the process of translation and conversion of information between people of different fields, generations,  and backgrounds

Concept: I identify and generate new ways of approaching the circulation of “information”, setting up various translation mechanisms. The process of successive translation and transfiguration of materials (words, sounds, images, bodies) is at the same time the occasion for the impossibility of translation to show up: right there where there is lost, in the gaps. Small leaks contaminate and at the same time configure languages, practices, bodies.

Challenge: I propose these practices of “alchemy”, as a possibility of creating from private spaces: common spaces*. Transform / become another as a poetic act and as a political strategy.

I propose a very different perspective to the one the digital world presents, where the assumption is that the loss of data between the extremes of the exchange is minimal. This assumption generates the fantasy of high fidelity in the translation of information between formats and supports. It also nourishes the illusion of an infinite capacity of accumulation of information. My territory as an artist will be the one of the failed translations, the one possible for a human scale file. A library made up of memories, clippings, annotations, and scribbles on the margin.

Projects contained by this platform:

Performance Alchemy (4 performances with people coming from differents fields, generations and social contexts). Estudio El Cuarto. Buenos Aires, Arg. 2017 / Campo. Performace developed with young people of Panamá. KM29- Festival Prisma, Panamá, 2017 / Residency of investigation Oficina 33. Buenos Aires, Arg. Abril 2018 / La conspiración de las formas. Buenos Aires, Arg. Premiere Museo Sívori Diciembre 2018 / Charged. Research project. Dansmaker (NL), Centre National de Danse (FR) The Netherlands and France 2018/ 2019.

Founds and Partners: Institute Française d`Argentine (FR, 2019), Centre National de Danse (FR, 2019), Fondo Nacional de las Artes (AR, 2017), PRODANZA (AR,2018), Dansmaker (NL 2018-19), Museo Sívori (AR, 2018), Estudio El Cuarto (AR, 2018), Oficina 33 (AR, 2018).

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