If every rock is a hole, then every absence is a presence. If every hole is a rock, then vulnerability is a strength.

If every rock is a hole is a subtle and contemplative dance performance in which the audience is invited to slow down and look beyond the visible. In this work Argentinian choreographer Amparo González Sola challenges the borders between visibility and invisibility, resisting and surrendering, presence and absence. The piece summon hidden memories, images, movements and sounds of deserted landscapes.

The audience gathers on both sides of a large white surface. Among them and in close proximity, the performer holds a series of intriguing postures that evokes human and other than human beings resisting and surrendering. Serene and still, simultaneously vulnerable and strong. The piece unfolds through a minimalist and precise choreography made of curves, arcs, tensions, folds, setbacks and suspensions; not only of the body, but also of the space, the time, the sound and the light.

What do we encounter when we give attention to the quiet resonances and the still movements that are often overlooked?

“Amparo González Sola’s latest work provides a clear outline on how to stay abstract and poetic while sending a strong political message. For me, this choreography is a manifesto of resistance in the face of oppression, of deriving empowerment from vulnerability.” Grzegorz Reske, artistic director SPRING Performing Arts Festival.

Context- This choreographic work was developed in 2020-22 within the context of DAS Choreography,  Amsterdam (AHK), and during residencies in Buenos Aires, Brussels and Zurich. A WIP was presented in Nov 2021 in the KVS Theater/ Festival Proximamente (BE). It was premiered in May 2022 in the SPRING Performing Art Festival (Utrecht), as a coproduction of the festival.


DANCER Amparo González Sola  / LIGHT & SPACE Vinny Jones  / SOUND Nahuel Cano  / ARTISTIC COLLABORATION Jimena Perez Salerno / ADVISORS Diana Szeinblum & Kadiatou Diallo / CONCEPTUAL DIALOGS Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca & Marie Bardet / CHOREOGRAPHY Amparo González Sola 

CO PRODUCTION SPRING performing Art Festival

SUPPORT (2021-22): Pro Helvetia – Coincidencia (CH), Program Residenties in Utrecht (NL), Institut Français d’ Argentine (FR), Próximamente Festival (BE), KVS Theater (BE), Munar Arte (AR), El Asunto de lo Remoto (AR), Young Art Support Amsterdam (NL); Jan Kassies Grants (NL).  RESIDENCIES: Rote Fabrik (CH), Workspace Brussels (BE), Los Vidrios (AR), Das Choreography AHK (NL).