La conspiración de las formas / 2018


ARP_2018_12_N0001_La_Conspiracion_de_las_Formas_00140La Conspiración de las Formas (The shape’s conspiracy) is a performatic alchemy, a ritual of transformation, an attempt of transubstantiation, a walk along the Milky Way. It is cosmic dust, affective transmigration, conversion of matter, plot and erosion.

The performance invites the audience to a journey, in which everything -matter, images, sound, sensations, ideas- is exposed to erosion, degradation and transformation. Along a perceptive, emotional and conceptual movement, we conspire against ourselves, to become others.

Credits: Performers and research: Carolina Stegmayer, Claudia Ganquín and Amparo González Sola / Conceptual dialogue: Rosario González Sola / Photography: Sebastián Arpesella / Audiovisual record: Soledad Yarará Rodriguez / Concept and Direction: Amparo González Sola

Support: PRODANZA- Fomento de la Actividad de la Danza no Oficial del Ministerio de Cultura del Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (AR), Museo Sívori (AR)

Premiere: Museo Sívori, Buenos Aires (AR) / Nov 2018



ARP_2018_12_N0001_La_Conspiracion_de_las_Formas_00149Photos: Sebastian Arpesella

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