La conspiración de las formas (The conspiracy of forms) is a dance performance with three women and a block of concrete. A ritual in which the audience is invited to witness from closely a process of metamorphosis, alchemy and recycling. They hold the block, they hammer it, knead it, rub it, swallow it, transform it into something else.
In the performance, the block of concrete appears as a concrete object and as a metaphor: the concrete is what is there, everywhere in our urban lives, supporting the structures in  which we live, think, work and feel, shaping the world as we know it today.
in a poetic and feminist way, La conspiración de las formas addresses  the question of what to do with the world we had built? What relationship is possible between destroying and recycling, between digesting and exorcizing?

Background and project 2023:
Amparo González Sola presented a first version of this work a few years ago in Buenos Aires. The work had a few presentations in Argentina (2018 and 2021) and was shelved for a while because of her migration to Europe. A new version of this work will premiere in May 2023 in Spring Performing Arts Festival, in Utrecht, after a presentation work in process within the “Open Studio” of workspacebrussels at Kaaistudio’s, in Brussels, and
after a series of public sharing at The grey space in the middle, in The Hague and Dansateliers in Rotterdam.


21 APRIL 2023. WIP Kaaistudios / Open studio workspacebrussels, Brussels, BE. link

17 May 2023. Try out The grey space in the Middle, The Hague, NL link

20 & 21 May 2023. PREMIERE SPRING Performing Arts Festival, Utrecht, NL link

Credits 2023 Concept & direction: Amparo González Sola – Performance: Carolina Stegmayer, Claudia Ganquín, Amparo González Sola – Light: Vinny Jones – Assistant: Isabel Aimé González Sola – Dramaturgical advice: Lisa Reinheimer – Production: Sanne Jacobs –

Co-production: workspacebrussels (BE), Spring Performing Arts Festival (NL), The grey space in the middle (NL) – Supported by: Dansateliers (NL), Goethe Institut (NL), Residenties in Utrecht (NL), – Residencies: workspacebrussels (BE), Het Huis Utrecht (NL) –
Credits 2018-2021 Performers and research: Carolina Stegmayer, Claudia Ganquín and Amparo González Sola – Conceptual dialogue: Rosario González Sola – Photography: Sebastián Arpesella – Audiovisual record: Soledad Yarará Rodriguez – Concept and Direction: Amparo González Sola

Support: PRODANZA- Fomento de la Actividad de la Danza no Oficial del Ministerio de Cultura del Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires (AR), Museo Sívori (AR), Institut français (AR), El asunto de lo remoto (AR), MUNAR, Sivori Museo (AR), Fondo Nacional de las Artes (AR).



ARP_2018_12_N0001_La_Conspiracion_de_las_Formas_00149Photos: Sebastian Arpesella


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