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Photos: Sebastian Arpesella

Caravana is a sensitive excursion in which sound, light and matter display a radical path, inviting the audience to an intense and immersive experience

The piece bets on a lavish coexistence of abstract and figurative elements, of presence and representation, of flesh and objects. Through choreographic procedures, it proposes a material and emotional displacement in which images overlap; images which are primitive, mythological, decadent, future, impossible.



Direction & Performers: Amparo González Sola & Juan Onofri Barbato /Alternative Cast: Rakhal Herrero / Dramaturg: Claudia Ganquín /Original Music & Sound Design: Ismael Pinkler / Set & Light Design: Caravana / Costumes Design: Belén Parra / Direction Assistance & Production in Argentina: Carolina Stegmayer / Photography: Sebastián Arpesella   / Video: Soledad Rodríguez / Graphic Design & Video Editing: Valeria Laura Rapoport & José Jiménez

Co- Production:  SPRING Performing Arts Festival, Utrecht, Netherlands. TACEC, La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Support: Prodanza and Bienal de Arte Joven / Estudio El Cuarto

Creative Residencies: Het Huis Utrecht/ Residenties in Utrecht (NL), Centro Cultural Recoleta (ARG)  and Arqueologías del Futuro (ARG).

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