Reciprocity between theory and practice

a brief reflection for Residenties in Utrecht. Project IMPACT CENTRAL. January 2021

Why do I work with reflections as part of the artistic process?

To integrate Reflections as part of my work is one of the ways in which I continue to explore the scope of “reciprocity”.  In this case, reciprocity between practice and theory: the practice producing knowledge, knowledge affecting practice, reciprocally. 

In the case of Den Dolder, it was a double bet: in the practices everyone was invited to participate at the same level: doctors and psychiatric clients, young people and adults, professionals and non-professionals, everyone was invited to move and be moved, to listen and to be listened.  At the end of each practice we wrote about what we thought and felt during it, we shared our questions and impressions.  In this way we were building a world of collective thought (we did a “lookbook”)  in which all the sensations and all thoughts matter. 

I think of those strategies to make collective reflections possible (that all voices are listened, and not only the strongest, that there is a context of trust, and space for incertitude) in a choreographic way.

My intuition  is that as a society there is much to learn from the historically unheard voices, those of children, those of neurodiversity,  those that grow outside the academy, and that it is possible to build valuable and unique knowledge from practices, from art.

I am aware that this process of reflections transforms my work as an artist, my research and creations, and I like it that way.

Amparo González Sola. January 30th 2021.