Tensegrity Training

My work as a teacher, trainer and as researcher is developed within a multidisciplinary and innovative perspective in terms of strategies.

I have been working in two main axes which dialogue intimately:

TRAINING with a perspective nourished by the contributions of neurophysiology and linked to high performance: flexibility of myofascial chains (static and dynamic), stabilization of the middle zone, intermittent metabolic training, plyometric exercises.

RESEARCH ON MOVEMENT: a laboratory in which the emergence of personal dances is promoted in the encounter with – and through – the others, based on strategies of circulation of information and group cooperation/collaboration.



I take the concept of tensegrity, which comes originally from architecture and sculpture (B. Fuller, K. Snelson), to understand the structure and dynamics of the body (physiologically and mechanically) and also to understand and to propose a way of a relationship among bodies.

A tensegrity structure is a structure resulting from the relationship between discontinuous elements in a state of compression and continuous elements in a state of tension, in such a way that the discontinuous components do not touch each other.

The tensegrity structures are in a state of stable self-balance, they are omnidirectional, their resistance does not depend on the resistance of their elements in isolation but on the relationship among all the elements, these structures respond globally to external forces distributing the load in all their elements, the modification in any of their relationships affects the whole structure.

Speaking and thinking around the concept of tensegrity allows me to approach in a dynamic way the work by myofascial chains, connectivity and globality, resilience, omnidirectionality, load distribution, etc.

kenneth snelson

Tensegrity structure. Kenneth Snelson

My perspective of training and research is developed in dialogue with other researchers in the field of Science and Art in the city of Buenos Aires. Especially with the choreographer Juan Onofri Barbato (with whom we have been teaching together since 2015) and with the kinesiologist and trainer Andrea Manso Hoffman.

Since 2010 I give regular courses of training and research on movement for professional dancers and a wider public interested in this specific approach. I also coordinate Workshops of dance in Argentina and abroad: Utrecht ND(ROC Midden Nederland, Creative College Dox), Liege, (Theatre de Liege), Valparaiso CHL (Centro Parque Cultural Danzaalborde), Mendoza ARG( Espacio Julio Le Parc, Teatro Independencia), San Juan (Teatro Municipal de San Juan). I coordinated the seminars: La Complejidad en el Cuerpo y Cuerpo ExcéntricoEl Presupuesto de la Acción in Festival Internacional Arqueologías del Futuro (ARG, 2015) and Materiales Corrosivos on Programa de Entrenamiento 12 /24 (ARG, 2017), Perder la Cara with Marie Bardet at Ciclo de Formaciones Extrañas, ORGIE (ARG, 2018), Turgencia en caos en Festival de Danza de Buenos aires (ARG, 2018).

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Ph: Anna Van Kooij