Community Projects


Los cuerpos y las palabras – Project with a gender perspective

Campo – Project with young people from Panama

KM29 site – Dance Program for young people in a situation of social vulnerability.

This part of my work is based on my experience as an artist and a teacher, developed for many years with groups of young people and women in vulnerable situations in the City of Buenos Aires and overseas.

I believe in Dance as a field of empowerment and transformation of reality (both in microscale and macroscale); a field from which it is possible to produce transformative encounters, beyond social classes, languages, cultures; a field in which it is possible to produce knowledge; a field in which conflict and difference become a tool for social transformation; a space from which it is possible to put in tension the concepts of “identity” and “otherness”, of “private” and “common”. Dance as space from which it is possible to give rise to other futures.

My work is developed from the field of dance, with a multidisciplinary and innovative perspective in terms of strategies.

I have been working from two axes which dialogue intimately:

-Physical training linked to high performance: Perspective nourished by the contributions of neurophysiology and biomechanics and seeks to work on flexibility, speed, agility and power in a healthy and efficient way.

-Research on movement in which the emergence of personals dances is promoted in the encounter with – and through – the others, based on various strategies of circulation of information and group cooperation/collaboration.

Over the years I have been able to see how the practices I have been carrying out are producing important changes in the lives of these young people and women and in their social and collective contexts. Contributing to the empowerment of their skills and abilities, the development of their creativity, self-confidence, solidarity, emotional stability, the professionalization of some of them as dance interpreters and teachers, the opportunity of developing personal projects which integrates them to their communities, restoring social integration and community interaction in troubled lives disrupted by diverse practices of exclusion and violence.

This project has its origin in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, where I coordinate the Dance Program / KM29: a training and research program that focuses on young people.

Over time I have replicated this experience in other contexts, first within Argentina, then in Chile, Panama and Leeds (UK).