A project of research and creation with young people of 2 institutions for adolescents in a situation of social vulnerability in Panamá.

Thinking of dance as a sensitive constellation of relationships and as an empowerment zone, we seek to tension the concepts of identity and otherness, of private and common; de-stigmatizing, giving space to other possible ones. Based on strategies of group cooperation, the aim is to deploy the physical, affective, rebellious and collective powers present there.

Performance presented in the “Instituto Nacional” (College) at the Festival Prisma, Panamá, 2017.

Credits: Artistic assistant: Pablo Castro / Direction: Amparo Gonzalez Sola

Support: Festival Prisma, Fundación Enlaces & KM29

prisma_14-10-2017-prisma lab-km29-instituto nacional santana-1-63

prisma_14-10-2017-prisma lab-km29-instituto nacional santana-1-79prisma_14-10-2017-prisma lab-km29-instituto nacional santana-1-47

prisma .  km29

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