El becerro de oro

amparo gs. el becerro de oro

El becerro de oro is a dance piece, a physical ritual, that goes from the subtle to the extreme. Brutal and delicate. Universal and personal at the same time. This piece was presented in rooms of many old and emblematic houses in Buenos Aires. Performance for a few spectators.


Performers: Amparo gonzález Sola & Pablo Lugones /General assitent: Asistencia Técnica: Juan Ignacio González / Direction: Amparo González Sola & Pablo Lugones


Teatro Bombón & Bienal Arte Joven de Buenos Aires 2015

Premiere: Ciclo Teatro Bombón 2015, Buenos Aires (AR)

el becerro de oro_altael becerro de oro_alta-8amparo gs el becerro de oro2


tumblr_inline_pbf4dlgzf71sqn2ux_500      logos bienal-01

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